Transformation Phase

Within the transformation phase you and your team need to deal with the sustainable implementation and realisation of your digital business model idea developed during the innovation phase. This requires a comprehensive approach which addresses next to the further development of your digital business model also a reflection on your overall strategy as well as processes and a change of mindset of your employees to deal with the challenges of digitalisation.

Concretely, this implies the following steps:

  1. Digital Roadmap
  2. Team Involvement
  3. New Working Style
  4. Constant Improvement

The following modules offer you concrete guidance on how you and your team can realise this transformation process in your company. As in the innovation phase, the whole process should be seen as an iterative process. Be aware that some steps might not run so smoothly and problems could arise. See this as a chance and learn from it and integrate these learnings and findings into your future work.