DIGITRANS use cases and success stories

Use cases

TICM - Company Reci Da on using DIGITRANS method
Reci Da, a company incubated in Technology Innovation Centre Medimurje, shares their experience on using DIGITRANS method.


University of Debrecen

Schäfer Feinmechanik

DIGITRANS - Romanian Success Story
This is a story about training and nutrition consulting company which provided a solution dedicated to students and masters from the Faculty of Medicine, specialization in nutrition and dietetics as well as the teachers/medical staff from The University of Medicine Pharmacy, Sciences and Technologies of Targu Mures. In this video, you can find how the company improved its business by using DIGITRANS Method.

How DIGITRANS method can support social creative companies in developing a digital business model
This short video outlines how Gail McCutcheon, Chairwoman of "Mein Herz lacht e.V." (My heart laughs), developed her business model into a digital one using the DIGITRANS method supported by MFG Baden-Württemberg and Herman Hollerith Zentrum Böblingen.

DIGITRANS and the 9 muses
DIGITRANS method implementation in the company 9 Muses, Bulgaria.

Success stories