Innovation Phase

During the innovation phase, you and your team start to develop and prototype a new digital business model idea. As you will see, this will be quite an interactive and interdisciplinary team work. Although it will be work, it will be also fun for you and your colleagues to create new ideas and concepts throughout this process.

The innovation phase is divided into two sub-phases: the Analysis phase - in which you analyse your own, your customers' and your competitors' situation; and the Design phase - in which you create new digital ideas based on the findings of the analysis phase.

After having completed the whole innovation phase, you will have developed a new digital business model idea by having created and tested a first prototype of your digital business model idea and completed a business model canvas to outline the additional value of the new digital business model idea. You will also get to know different tools and methods supporting you in developing innovative digital business model ideas in your daily work. Before entering the innovation phase with your team, it would be good to reflect on issues like:

  1.  Who should be a member of your interdisciplinary team? We recommend having a team of 3-7 members.
  2. Where will you have space to meet on a regular basis and to work interactively together? As you will see when going through the different methods and activities, you will need some space in your  office where you can visualise your ideas, collect your findings or complete templates. Ideally, you can keep these results visual for the whole development process.