What DIGITRANS is about

DIGITRANS aims to support SMEs in the development of digital business models by offering targeted blended learning trainings along the DIGITRANS method. The EU funded project DIGITRANS is a cooperation project of 15 project partners from seven countries from the Danube area. On this platform, SMEs as well as business support organisations or trainers dealing with digital transformation find hands-on training material and guidance on this platform.

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The DIGITRANS method guides SMEs through the development and implementation of a digital business model by offering SME appropriate innovation methods. It is divided into the innovation and transformation phase. While during the innovation phase the SME is developing a new digital business idea the transformation phase is addressing the sustainable implementation and realisation of the new digital business model in the company’s overall organisation.

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DIGITRANS trainers can come from business support organizations, training organizations and universities, research institutions, local administration, start-up and innovation community, business consultancies and others.

As a DIGITRANS Trainer you will be able to enable company’s executives and staff to become capable to develop and implement in practice new competitive digital business models as well as to sensibilise SMEs in continuously transforming their company into an agile organization ready to cope with the constant digital evolution.

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Regional blended learning training offers

The blended learning training will be offered in the seven DIGITRANS partner regions. It is divided in:

  • A one day face-to-face training in which SMEs will be trained on how to use the DIGITRANS method to develop their own new digital business model idea.
  • An online consultation session in which the regional DIGITRANS trainers will have a first discussion with the SME who applied for the individual consultation phase on how it can further improve its idea and how it can prepare itself for the individual workshop.
  • An individual workshop which will be offered in the new established DIGITRANS incubation centre in the partner region. During this workshop the first idea will be further developed and concretised.

To find the relevant contacts in your region, please see the regional incubation centers below.

Regional Incubation Centres

The regional incubation centres which were set up in the seven DIGITRANS partner regions are the places where the individual workshops with the SMEs are conducted to develop innovative digital business models using creative methods. The incubation centres are all set up in a way to stimulate and support creativity as well as open and collaborative working.

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