Value Proposition Canvas


Suggested Time

60-90 min.

Level of Difficulty



Team (3-7 persons)


Value Proposition Canvas (ideally printed on DIN A0), whiteboard or metaplan wall, coloured sticky notes or moderation cards and magnets


Value Proposition Canvas

Stakeholder Map


The value proposition canvas helps you to better understand, identify and describe potential customer groups systematically that are continuously used throughout the DIGITRANS process. By completing the canvas you will understand the jobs, pains and gains of your customer groups. This will help you later to develop a user oriented product, service or solution. The defined jobs, gains and pains will later be mapped against the value proposition in order to check whether your customers' desires are adequately fulfilled.


  1. Identify relevant customer group(s) (see Stakeholder Map);
  2. Define and discuss the groups' main daily tasks in their roles (jobs), what obstacles they have to face when pursuing the tasks (pains) and what might be relieving factors they strive for (gains);
  3. Prioritize these elements;
  4. Collect your findings and attach them to your canvas;
  5. Present your findings.

Remark: the process should be regarded highly iterative and therefore loops are necessary and desired. The completion of the value proposition is not supposed to happen in this phase but throughout all phases of the innovation part.