Strategy Canvas


Suggested Time

30 – 45 min.

Level of Difficulty



Team (3-7 persons)


Whiteboard or metaplan wall;
Coloured sticky notes or moderation cards and magnets;


Strategic Landscape Map Template

Strategy Canvas (Blue Ocean Strategy)

Stakeholder Map 


In addition to the strategic landscape map, it is recommended to complete the strategy canvas to identify the status quo and the future prospects of the company in relation to the market, the customers, competitors and especially noncustomers which you might want to address in the future. It also helps you to reflect again about where you stand in relation to your competitors (where you are better or not so good in comparison to them and where it might be worse to further invest) and the factors you are competing on with your competitors.


  1. Draw the coordinate system on the whiteboard or metaplan wall with two axis (y: value scale, x: competing factors);
  2. Define relevant competing factors and discuss to what degree the company and its competitors satisfy these factors;
  3. Collect your findings and attach them to your coordinate system;
  4. Discuss the value curves of the company and its competitors;
  5. In parallel, complete the strategic landscape map template;
  6. Present your findings.