Stakeholder Map


Suggested Time

30-45 min.

Level of Difficulty



Team (3-7 persons)


Whiteboard or metaplan wall, coloured sticky notes or moderation cards and magnets, pens;


Stakeholder Map Template (pdf)

Stakeholder Map Template (.pub)


A stakeholder map helps to visualise the various groups involved in a particular product or service, such as customers, users, partners, organisations, companies, and other stakeholders. The stakeholder map helps also to better understand which stakeholders might be supporters for your new idea and which might be problematic. By linking the interrelations between the different stakeholders, it helps you to analyse how the different parties influence one another.


  1. Start collecting the relevant stakeholders in a simple list by writing one stakeholder on one sticky note (use different colours for different kinds of stakeholders, e.g. yellow for customers and blue for partners);
  2. Divide them into supportive and problematic stakeholders;
  3. Add one sticky note to each stakeholder with a quote expressing their thoughts, opinions, or expectations in relation to your company;
  4. Save the stakeholder map and refer to it as you move through the process.