Strategic Landscape Map


Suggested Time

30-45 min.

Level of Difficulty



Team (3-7 persons)


Whiteboard or metaplan wall;
Coloured sticky notes or moderation cards and magnets;


Strategic Landscape Map Template

Strategy Canvas (Blue Ocean Strategy)

Stakeholder Map


The development of a strategic landscape map helps you to identify and understand your current strategic landscape in relation to the current technology/legal trends, customer trends, competitor trends and the economic environment trends. The strategic landscape map will be the basis for you to start the analysis phase. It is also the basis for completing the strategy canvas. Keep it during the whole innovation process and add new findings to it.


  1. Draw the coordinate system on the whiteboard or metaplan wall with four fields (upper left: technology/legal trends, upper right: customer trends, lower left: competitor trends, lower right: ongoing economic environment);
  2. Define the four trends in relation to your current business model, write one aspect per sticky note and add it into the coordinate system;
  3. In parallel, complete the strategy canvas;
  4. Present your findings.