Roadmap development/refinement


Suggested Reading Time

30 min.

Suggested Implementation Tim

Roadmap development is an ongoing process that usually can take a month to draft, communicate and revise.

Role of Participants involved

Participants need to read the text and reflect on their own roadmap plan by filling the templates. Additional support can be received in the incubator space.


Roadmap template


The aim of the roadmap development/refinement phase is to deliver practical steps and company-oriented approaches for setting up a customised organisational roadmap for digital transformation. Developing a digital transformation plan and roadmap is an important part of any company digitisation effort.

Therefore, after this phase, learners will gain better understanding about the main steps and milestones for the digital transformation roadmap, how to involve other employees in the change management process and how to measure the success. The digital transformation roadmap plan will ensure clear steps for company transformation, customised key peformance indicators (KPIs) for measuring the success and flexible approaches for improving product- or service-market-alignment, competitiveness and reconsidering the company's place in the ecosystem.


  1. Define a clear digital transformation vision, strategy and goals to ensure the executive leadership support;
  2. Identify the digital transformation strategy targets for the company business model and work processes at the digitization end-point. Identify the gaps and missing elements;
  3. Backward thinking: define the main steps for the digital transformation process - what are the milestones, the key steps and the key elements of the digital transformation journey;
  4. Determine the following digital transformation gaps, looking at: people, processes, technology and content. Fill the roadmap template;
  5. Outline the key tasks, the key roles and the key resources and put them on the timeline template. Communicate and discuss the main elements of the roadmap with managers and employees;
  6. Define the KPIs and prepare a contingency plan and scenarios;
  7. Organize a public discussion of the digital roadmap start and company transformation goals, prepare a right set of communication channels and change management plan.