Suggested Time

30-45 min.

Level of Difficulty



Team (3-7 persons)


Persona template, pens, board, pins/tape, your research findings


Persona Template


A persona is an archetype representing your ideal customer. A persona is generally based on user research, e.g. interviews. It incorporates the needs, goals, and observed behaviour patterns of your target audience. It creates empathy towards the target groups/customers to be addressed by the digital business model and will influence decisions and activities and will serve you as an inspiration during the ideation phase.


  1. Print the Persona Template on an A3-sized page;
  2. Review your research findings and reflect about your previous experiences with your customer;
  3. Complete the template within the team by describing ideal-typical criteria and characteristics that all persons of your persona group have in common;
  4. Pin the template on the board to be visualised during the whole innovation and transformation phase. The description will be validated through interviews, observation and other research activities and might be changed/adapted throughout the iterative process;

Remark: Develop as many personas as target groups/customer groups exist.