Minimum Viable Product


Suggested Time

20 min.

Level of Difficulty



Team (3-7 persons) and ideally people you are designing for. If that’s not possible then some people who were not involved in the development so far.


Pens, paper, your business model canvas, appropriate software


MVP Guide


For testing the development of your functional prototype you can also use the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) approach. It describes a development stage of a product, offering just enough features to satisfy early customers and get their feedback on the product or service. Its main purpose is to conduct first acceptance tests before further developing to thus avoid spending too much time and money in the development of a product which your potential customer might not need in the end.


  1. Identify core features that are mandatory to the customer;
  2. Select customer group (specific customers) for acceptance tests;
  3. Produce the MVP;
  4. Provide the MVP (with instructions) and some kind of feedback system;
  5. Collect and evaluate the feedback for further decisions on development.