Suggested Time

45-60 min.

Level of Difficulty



Team (3-7 persons)


Software tool or pen and paper


SAP Scenes


By using a mock-up you will be able to discuss, demonstrate or evaluate your prototype. The mock-up is in practice a scaled or full-size model of your product idea. It differentiates from prototypes by its missing functionalities. A case in which mock-ups are often used, is the demonstration of user interfaces in software products. There, some special templates and simple sticky notes are used, without involving any coding in order just to receive first feedback and impressions from potential customers.


  1. Prepare the canvas for the device you want to create the mock-up for (e.g smartphone or tablet) using a software tool or paper;
  2. Draw the relevant elements to visualise your idea;
  3. If you want to visualise customer interactions like menu flows, copy and paste (or redraw) your canvas and present the changes.

Remark: When developing a mock-up concentrate on designing the interface and do not concentrate on the functionalities behind.

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