Evaluation/Lessons learned of the transition of your business model into a digital one


Suggested Reading Time

40 min.

Suggested Implementation Tim

Evaluation of the lessons learned and assessment of the digital roadmap implementation needs to be done regularly, based on the key milestones and phases of the digital transformation journey.

Role of Participants involved

Learners need to read the text and to reflect on their own lessons learned checklist by filling the templates. Additional support can be received in the DIGITRANS incubator spaces.


Lessons Learned checklist


To master digital transformation, learners need to understand the change management programme elements and to be able to reflect on the lessons learned. By analyzing the experience gained during the company transformation process, learners will assume the main positive and negative factors that influence the transition to the digital business model.


  1. Assess the change management process by starting with the digital transformation team and analyze their roles, efforts and incentives contributed to the change management on different levels.
  2. Identify how digital transformation is influenced by the change tolerance of the organization, assuming its size and its history record. Small and newer organizations have a higher tolerance for change than older and bigger organizations. Admit that management levels and hierarchies also influence the change process: the more hiearchy, the longer the process change.
  3. Determine the lessons learned of the company transformation by analyzing and considering official KPI and by researching the opinion of the other employees.
  4. Engage in the lessons learned process different enablers, partners and stakeholders, communicate the change and determine future actions and correction plans.