Idea selection


Suggested Time

30 min.

Level of Difficulty

Moderate - Hard


Team (3-7 persons)


Pens, sticker, whiteboard;


After having collected as many ideas as possible, it is now time to select the best idea. It will be further developed into a digital innovative business model, addressing the selected customers' profile and company's added value.


  1. Take the board with all the collected ideas from the brainstorming or brainwriting session;
  2. Cluster, categorize ideas;
  3. Talk about the positive, challenging, most inspring, innovative or most promising (technical point of view, budget and resource wise...) aspects of the categorised ideas;
  4. Based on this discussion select/create the idea which seems to you the most promising. It can also be a mixture of different ideas;
  5. Put those ideas which (currently) don't work in another corner of the board as a kind of idea garage;
  6. In case your team cannot select an idea by discussion, give each team member three points which he/she can distribute on sticky notes. The idea with the most points is the one the team will further develop
  7. Formulate the idea in a slogan to be prototyped in the next step.