Suggested Time

Ideally several days, in a workshop at least 60-90 min.

Level of Difficulty



3 interviewers at most so that the interviewee is not intimidated by being outnumber;


Pen, paper, recording device;


Conducting interviews is essential to gather insights and understand the needs of your potential customer you want to address that cannot be achieved via desk research. The aim of conducting interviews is to better understand the motivation, behaviour, intention or opinion of your potential customer in relation to your problem, challenge, product. Ideally, interviews should be conducted with representatives of each customer/relevant stakeholder group and in the place where they are working/living so that you get a better understanding of their mindset, behaviour and lifestyle.


  1. Define roles for the interviewees (e.g. interviewer, note-taker, photographer);
  2. Prepare the questions and keep in mind to design them as open as possible. The questions should be short, clear and not creating ambiguous understanding;
  3. Start with broad questions (person's life, values and habits) and later on, move to more specific ones with respect to the challenge;
  4. Write down exactly what the person says and not what you think is meant - ideally take notes regarding the mimics and gestures;
  5. Analyse your interview;
  6. Present your findings.