Implement a digital leadership framework


Suggested Reading Time

30 min.

Suggested Implementation Tim

Throughout the whole transformation process

Role of Participants involved

Management leading the more open, collaborative culture, employees willing to take over leading roles to ensure self-organising teams, leaders willing to give up relevant tasks, decision to the operational level


Digitalising companies have to face complex and dynamic environments.

These environmental situations are called VUCA-environment: Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity.

In VUCA environments, change of leadership is necessary. Individuals are overwhelmed with this complex environment. As a consequence, leadership must be distributed in the organisation. Also, trying out things and learning from them, is often more successful than complex analysis and long planning processes in these environments.

A digital leadership framework combines these two concepts with a new leadership approach and different methods to handle better with VUCA environments. Implement them, test and learn in area where speed and innovation is really necessary.


  1. Integrate more openness and trust in the organisational culture. Engage employees to take more responsibility and try out new things. Mistakes will happen but they are necessary to learn;
  2. Integrate agile management approaches like Scrum, Lean-Start-up or Design Thinking in your daily work for more speed and innovation. Test and learn in your organization which methods suit you best;
  3. Use IT systems like social media blogs and forums for faster sharing and collaboration in the organisation;
  4. Change your organisational design to more self-organising teams and network structures than rigid line systems. They are more flexible to changing environments than line systems;
  5. Reflect the experience gained with surveys of managers and employees. Discuss the further steps in the team.