Handcrafted prototypes


Suggested Time

20 min.

Level of Difficulty



Team (3-7 persons)


All kinds of handcraft materials, supplies, modelling clay, cardboards or LEGO blocks;


The development of your handcraft prototype is the next step.

The purpose of the handcrafted prototypes, as with every kind of prototype, is to visualize an idea developed based on user research and stakeholder input to create a common basis of understanding and discussion. It helps to make ideas tangible, to better understand the processes and interaction that are behind this idea to learn through making and to receive quick feedback by presenting the idea to people you are designing for.


  1. Put the slogan you have developed after the idea selection visible next to you;
  2. Prepare the materials that you wish to use;
  3. Develop your prototype remembering the needs of your customer you have identified in the analysis phase and you now want to solve with your prototype;
  4. Keep in mind it is a prototype. No need to develop something perfect but something tangible that reflects your idea. Prototypes are meant to be tested, evaluated and replaced by something better;
  5. Ideally, create a slogan that speaks for your story and describes your prototype;
  6. Take your prototype out and let it be tested by other people, as for example potential customers.