Create a vision of your future digital business model


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Role of Participants involved

Team of 5-7 persons from different levels with different roles within the company.


postits, metaplan wall, pen


Creating a vision template


Defining a vision of your future digital business model is an important step in change management. The vision sets the direction for the whole company and a shared goal gives orientation to everyone involved.
The vision gives everyone a clear idea of where the company is headed, encourages employees to act in the direction that has been agreed on, combining different perspectives in the company, such as between executive management, the IT department, specialised departments and the employees.


  • Reflecting the current business model by briefly outlining the positive and negative aspects about it (for the company itself and the customer).
  • Brainstorming how the future business model will be functioning after 5 years.
  • Visualizing the results with creativity tools.
  • Describing your vision in a concrete and detailed way.
  • Developing a vision statement.