Customer Journey


Suggested Time

30 min.

Level of Difficulty



2 team members conduct the customer journey ideally with potential customers; in a workshop setting one team member can take the role of a customer and the other team member asks questions and observes his reaction.


Customer Journey Canvas, pen, paper, sticky notes;


Customer Journey Canvas


A customer journey helps to better understand the customer on its way to purchase a product, service or just to reflect how a user would behave during a certain situation. To consider different steps and details of that process can illuminate areas for potential insights. To create a journey map is an excellent way to systematically consider the steps or milestones of the chosen process.


  1. Consider a process or journey that is relevant, or even tangential to, your problem space.
  2. Identify potential customers and group in pairs (1 interviewer & 1 customer).
  3. Conduct an interview/observation with the potential customer to identify relevant aspects when running through a certain process, e.g. buying something, using a certain tool and note all relevant experiences, user's needs etc.

Remark: A customer journey can be enriched with gathering additional information throughout the whole process. The journey can also be described initially, without a concrete idea of product or service in mind. The concretisation can be added later in the process, and the possible benefits can be examined.