Competence Analysis


Suggested Time

30-45 min

Level of Difficulty



Team (3-7 persons)


Whiteboard or metaplan wall, pens, coloured sticky notes;


Competence Analysis Template

Competences relevant for a digital change



In addition to analysing the market status quo and the general business structure of one company, it is recommended to also conduct a competence analysis. Aim of the competence analysis is to get a better understanding of the competences, resources and skills your company possesses in relation to the development of a digital business model and which of them you can further build on to generate sustainable competitive advantages.

The competence analysis also helps you to better understand whether you have competences which might be relevant for the future development of new digital products and where it might be worth to invest more, e.g. in additional training, incl. involvement of external experts to build up the missing competences. This analysis also supports you in setting up an adequate interdisciplinary team involving team members addressing the required competences.


  1. Draw the competence analysis table on the board/wall;
  2. Define the existing competences in relation to the development of a new digital business model within your team. When listing the competences, ask yourself the questions: "Which market am I currently serving? Which one do I want to serve and what competences do I need for that?" or "What does my current or potential new customer expect from me? Which competences do I have/need to address these needs?"
  3. Classify the competences into basic, key or core competence; in case you identify too many basic competences leave them out and concentrate on key and core competences.
  4. Discuss with your team if the competences are:
    a. Valuable ("Is it valuable?")
    b. Rare ("Is this a rare competence?")
    c. Hard to imitate ("Is this a unique competence?)
    d. Transferable ("How can the existing core competences be used for new product development/or within new markets?")

Remark: An overview on competences relevant for a digital change can be found on the right in the document “Competences relevant for a digital change”.