Suggested Time

30 min.

Level of Difficulty



Team (3-7 persons) and if possible involve one partner/customer to the session;


Metaplan wall, whiteboard, sticky notes, pens, timer;


Brainstorming Rules


After having conducted a first in-depth analysis about the company's status quo, its potentials and challenges and after having defined customer's jobs, pains and gains it is now time to develop concrete digital ideas to address customers jobs, pains and gains respecting also the company's challenges and potentials.

Brainstorming will be of help as it is the most known technique to start generating new and unexpected ideas.


  1. Hand out pens, sticky notes to each team member;
  2. Write down the question/the job you want to tackle with the brainstorming session on the metaplan wall;
  3. The team sets itself a target on how many ideas it wants to collect within the next 30 min.;
  4. Agree on the brainstorming rules (see attached tool);
  5. Give your team 5 min. while each team member writes/visualises its ideas on sticky notes. Remember: one idea per sticky note.
  6. After 5 min. each team member briefly describes its ideas while putting them on the wall.
  7. Cluster the collected ideas into thematic groups