Agile working style


Suggested Reading Time

30 min.

Suggested Implementation Tim

6-12 months

Role of Participants involved

Team of 5-7 persons from different levels with different roles within the company.


Digital change requires fast adaptation and flexibility of each organisation to quickly react to the changing customer requirements. Establishing an agile working style in a company is thus vital to survive in the digital age. This does not only require establishing a structure but especially new attitudes and a culture of openess towards change.


The following dimensions are relevant to implement an agile working style:

  1. Develop an agile vision/strategy with your team defining the key aspects of your agile company culture incl. an agile leadership style.
  2. Customer/user orientation is in the centre.
  3. Establish cross-functional, interdisciplinary teams.
  4. Implement iterative processes to guarantee customer oriented product development and offering the opportunity to adapt your first results quickly.
  5. Involve HR to enable your employees and managers using agile methods and implementing open and flexible processes.
  6. Train your leadership in becoming agile leaders. This means that managers, leaders place themselves in the service of the team to achieve fast added value for the customer, also called "servant leadership" and to let the teams organise themselves.
  7. Establish an open and transparent company structure by promoting transparency, dialogue, openess, trust and quick feedback mechanism supporting knowledge exchange and change and dealing constructively with mistakes.
  8. Test agile techiniques in your teams to find out which methods are most appropriate for your work within smaller projects.